Our creative team of 5 experts has designed many unique buildings, landscapes, structures and landmarks since our firm's founding in 2017. Our goal is to create spaces that suit the needs of the people living or working in them. We design projects for different industries and clients around the world. Check out some of our most recent projects and feel free to contact us with any questions.


Our cities have been constantly growing and the buildings are constantly evolving when it comes to their function and design.

At newness, we are constantly observing the change and providing consultancy for all your needs pertaining to Architecture, Interiors, and Landscaping. 


Rajat Upadhyaya started this firm after gaining very diverse experience in the field of architecture and with only one goal - “to deliver forward-looking projects of all kinds that are designed under one roof”. His vision has helped clients conceive and materialize several projects. When he is not busy designing buildings, he is traveling, trekking mountains or playing music.